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Time Left:
  5000, 0 pt
Score game:
  45 min
  19:00 CET
  20:00 Kiev
  20:00 Moscow
Summer Vacation

Season 9 is completed.

2015-06-06 [GFF]npyToHocuK

Summer Vacation

Season 8 is completed.

2014-05-31 Vano

Tournament postponed

The tournament on $$$ 10pt will be held on November, 23

2013-11-16 Vano


Interview to the winner of 22 tournament on Millions [KGR]-^CATWEAZEL^-

1) What do you think about Rush league? Do you enjoy it?

Yes, today it was fun, but very long after all. The Quality of gameplay from oponents who i had to play vs today, was really impressing. Armenia, Aist, Cortes and Tolls are 4 completely different players, so i had to full-concentrate to reach the victory in the end. Also i wanna say, that this was probably the one of those rushleagues where almost all excellent cossacks millionplayers so im happy that i could participate as well

2)Who is/was your strongest apponent in these tournament?

Aist, Armenia and Cortes were on the same level. All 3 Games were on the same level of difficulty.

3) How important these tournament is for you?

I personally play this game for fun. Normal Games are as important for me as Tournament games. I always try to play as good as i can and to concentrate as good as i can. Moreover, in this tournament you just have to play 1 game vs 1 player - the knock out system, so if you loose 1 game it doesnt really say very much. If you win 1 Game it can be luck if you win 10 games from 10 it is the proof that you .... are stronger than your oponent. So this Tournament is like Poker basically. The one who has more luck and is able to concentrate 6 hours in a row will win.

4)Are you satiesfied with your game / victory vs Cortes.

Well, in that game i did a few mistakes and i lost too much mercinary drags. In the battle i was totally surprised that Cortes attacks me. Im used to the fact that i am the one who attacks with hussars at first. So i could not take care of my mercanary drags and lost a few. But i had to save my musk formation, and i sucessfully did it and was able to Counter attack and make him retreat. I could have done better and Cortes gave his best and i won. I must be satisfied of the game

5)Do you found it hard to win vs Cortes? I wached your game vs Cortes, and i think it was easy for you, whot is your opinion ?

Yes, it was not that hard. I played this Musk+Hussars vs Highs+hussars combination vs many players now, and i had harder games. I think it was, because Cortes was surprised of what i did and did not know how to react or how to play vs this tactic. From my experience i know that Cortes played simply mistakeless, he can be proud of having played such a game, it is a honorable defeat.

6)What is your forecasts for next tournament on $$$?

The next Rushleague will be like the last rushleagues. Cortes gets easy oponents to make sure coming to the final, while i get on my side of the table all EL Clan and ARM armenia. I am not complaining about it, i got used to it and i enjoy to play vs them. But for me my games vs Armenia and Aist had the Quality of being a FINALGAME as well. To bad that Aist left the game with ALT F4, so that no record was available, it was an excellent game.

7)do you like beer ?and what beer you like?

HAHA, just 1 minute after my victory vs Cortes i opened my first bottle of beer, i love German beer. Now im drinking Veltins, but Warsteiner is very good too.

8)Why you has shosen nick name "catweazel"?

Long time ago ( 5years) I was sick of my old name Truman. We created the Clan KGR and i needed a name that is unique and noone else would take. After a matter of minutes i decided for "Catweazel". Its a name that noone forgets and noone else would take.

9)do you wont to wish somthing to Rush leagues players?

Keep on playing as you play and make sure in the next Rushleagues or tournaments, that i am not the only one who kicks Cortes Ass .

Thx for interview Catty, gl !

Short statistics
Tournaments: 393
- 106 on 1000
- 111 on 5000
- 112 on $$$$

Players: 1709
Records: 961
Games: 8510
Current Сhampions
1000 - [-RA-]Krasavchik
5000 - [-UNION-]Artempro
$$$$ - [KAZ]Jakeee
Tournament Results

#393 / 1000, 0пт, 322

Nation: Bavaria
Rules: 1000
Date: 2019-12-06
Participants: 10
Winner: [-RA-]Krasavchik
Finalist: [-RA-]Hikitka_9_JIeT

#392 / SpeedWar / C-1

Nation: Switzerland
Rules: millions,0pt
Date: 2019-11-23
Participants: 8
Winner: [KGR]Catweazel
Finalist: [-NF-]Baton

#391 / 1000, 0pt, 322

Nation: Saxony
Rules: 1000
Date: 2019-11-16
Participants: 12
Winner: [ua]Kyiv
Finalist: [-RA-]Krasavchik

#390 / 1000, 0pt, 322

Nation: France
Rules: 1000
Date: 2019-11-09
Participants: 10
Winner: [UA]bio_PCT
Finalist: [-NF-]Baton


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