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Time Left:
  1000, 0 pt
Score game:
  45 min
  19:00 CET
  20:00 Kiev
  20:00 Moscow
Summer Vacation

Season 9 is completed.

2015-06-06 [GFF]npyToHocuK

Summer Vacation

Season 8 is completed.

2014-05-31 Vano

Tournament postponed

The tournament on $$$ 10pt will be held on November, 23

2013-11-16 Vano


Interview to the finalist of 11 tournament on 5000 [BRP] Balin

fred: It is your first tournament in r-league. What your sensations?

Balin: second, first time i couldnt play to end i have to wait some time for final game, only sensation -)

fred: You have shown excellent game! You have deserved the ending. I congratulate you on such result! Your way to the final was difficult?

Balin: yes it was quite good game -) but there was big lag, i-m a little worse in lag games. but good player have know how to play in every game ) no to much ) the hardest game was with hulk i played bad taktick and almos lost )

fred: What do you think of the contender in final game?

Balin: tolls is more experiencd player )

fred: yes it is true ) he kill me in first round )))

Balin: hehe

fred: You are happy with the game in the final?

Balin: i played good, but there was big lag ) next time i wont let so many players to watch ;p

fred: You consider that have lost because of LAGS?

Balin: no i-m just worse in lag game ) i like fast games and rash )

fred: Clearly. Lags prevented to play to you as you wanted.

Balin: yes, thats why tolls experienced won -)

fred: You are happy with that as tournament has played?

Balin: sure )

fred: You will continue performance in r-league?

Balin: when i will have time -) its on bad day, i-m often on party or somethink like that, when rliga is playing

fred: You will play on other options?

Balin: yes on 1000

fred: Whether you wish to get in a hall of glory of Rliga?

Balin: i-ll try to get there )

fred: GL in new tournaments! Thanks for interview.

Balin: thx

Short statistics
Tournaments: 350
- 90 on 1000
- 86 on 5000
- 111 on $$$$

Players: 1490
Records: 961
Games: 7901
Current Сhampions
1000 - [CEKTA]^FantaZy^
5000 - [GFF]Petru
$$$$ - [-NeC-]^PaRlaMent
Tournament Results

#365 / 5000 15 pt 1-1 / C-3

Nation: Poland
Rules: 5000
Date: 2018-05-11
Participants: 20
Winner: [GFF]Petru
Finalist: colourfit

#364 / 5000 15 pt 2-2 / C-3

Nation: Free
Rules: 5000
Date: 2018-03-31
Participants: 10
Winner: [-UNION-]Fenrir- funny_ru
Finalist: [-RA-] Sanek_PCT- [BiA]-Roma23

#363 / 5000 15 pt 1-1 / C-3

Nation: Hungary
Rules: 5000
Date: 2018-03-24
Participants: 21
Winner: [-UNION-]Artempro
Finalist: [-UNION-]Fenrir

#362 / 1000 n/m / С-1

Nation: Saxony
Rules: 1000
Date: 2018-03-17
Participants: 12
Winner: [CEKTA]^FantaZy^
Finalist: [-UNION-]_DOCTOR_


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