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Time Left:
  5000, 0 pt
Score game:
  45 min
  19:00 CET
  20:00 Kiev
  20:00 Moscow
Summer Vacation

Season 9 is completed.

2015-06-06 [GFF]npyToHocuK

Summer Vacation

Season 8 is completed.

2014-05-31 Vano

Tournament postponed

The tournament on $$$ 10pt will be held on November, 23

2013-11-16 Vano


Interview with winner of #13 season R-Liga - [GT]Colourfit

W: Buddy - congratulation! You won the season consist of 6 difficult tournaments. In each of them you have faced the best players in the world. Are you happy with the result and your game or do you see any shortcomings?

C: I am happy with the results mostly, especially considering I did not have much time to practice and these were my first rliga wins. I think I performed well but I dont think I am the best.

W: Which winning game was the most important for you?

C: I think the 0pt 5k turkey finals vs Petru where i won 2-0 were especially important for me. Showed that i am capable of micro and tactics on a top level without any compromises. Think I did very well there.

W: Is it true that Green Tea was a stimulant for you during tournaments? :)

C: Maybe, maybe not, depends if its against the rules :D

W: If you were to answer honestly... What are your biggest advantages and what are the biggest disadvangages in Cossacks 3? Especially during R-Liga games?

C: Cossacks 3 is not a good game for beginners, and rliga dos nott exactly help this either, with the fact that it is a straight and simple knockouts system only really helping skilled players beating lesser skilled players without lesser skilled players really feeling fufilled.
But in my opinion, Rliga is definitely the go to tournament for proving your skill in the game, the fact it is regular, and consistently high skill, means winning rliga is a nice accomplishment to have. Cossacks 3 is a brilliant game because I dont think there is anything comparable to it, and this is proven by the dedicated community driven people who still play this game for over a decade in some cases. It just has many cons.

W: You are the only "serious" player from Great Britain. Why? Where are these all brave Brits? :)

C: I am not sure where they all are I think they dont play games like c3, not sure why :)

W: How are you feeling as the only world top player, who does not live in countries where Cossacks 3 is a popular game? (eg. Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Germany)

C: It is actually quite interesting, and I do actually like it, it means I can interact with people from different languages and cultures in a game where we all share a common goal. This is not actually that common if you think about it with other games, where friends and communities are primarily localised within certain countries and cultures.

W: Amused you by our "broken" english? :D

C: Yes, but I am too polite to say anything I dont speak other languages so I do not expect you to speak my language very well :D

W: Why Cossacks 3? The game even forgotten by the developers.

C: Because even though Cossacks 3 is full of bugs, hacks, and is abandoned by the developer, the sheer brilliance of the fundamental aspects of the game, and the brilliant community , makes this game like no other i have seen

W: List players with the highest potential outside of the top. Is there anyone who has recently made an impression on you? Maybe in R-Liga

C: There has been quite a few up-and-comming stars in the cossacks community recently, I think resulting from the improved communication between players on discord, creating stronger clans and better training for these new players. The tournaments also, including rliga, push these players to the limits, and I think despite the massive problems Cossacks 3 as a game has, the community in my opinion very competitive, which I think is good. Some of these players would include, Metafrost, Exodia, Bepa, Skinhead. Maybe Dandy and Antoxa but I think they are closer to their full potential than the others, though they are strong players.

W: Winning the R-League is not your only honor. This year your clan won the Cossacks Clans Championship 3vs3. It was not even half a year, and you could go to Cossacks retirement. What are your plans? Will we see you in the next season of the R-League, after the holidays?

C: I am very proud of what my team accomplished in the Cossacks Clan Championships, that was brilliant I think. Winning rliga has also been a goal i have had for a while and thats finally been accomplished. My plans for the future are uncertain, I am only getting busier, and I will be unable to practice as much as I previously did. Maybe this is my high point, but I will continue to join tournaments and play for fun, and ride the wave down and have a good time

W: How do you see the future of Cossacks 3 tournaments? Are needed? Will they develop? Are you planning any own tournaments?

Recently there have been many cossacks 3 tournaments, from all different people, at a pace faster than I have seen before, which is particularly interesting as you would be expecting the game to die, not become stronger and more competitive in some aspects. I think there is a decent future for cossacks 3 tournaments, though again, this might be a high point. Cossacks 3 tournaments are central to the community, and keeping the game alive, There should always be tournaments and always players, strong and weak, joining them. This is why I think Rliga is doing Gods work in this regard) Keeping the game alive. I am indeed planning the 5TH GT 3V3 Tournament but because there are so many tournaments recently, and I am busy, I am just finding the right time :)

W: Why do not you like Musk? :)

C: Musk is not a very good person, and he has been very slimy in dealings with me, and other people. I think he is a and not to be trusted.

W: I am planning the World Championship of Nations (team tournament). Will you play?

C: Yes

W: Thanks mate for quick interview. Good Luck

C: No problem, thank you) Honour to play.

Short statistics
Tournaments: 393
- 106 on 1000
- 111 on 5000
- 112 on $$$$

Players: 1709
Records: 961
Games: 8510
Current hampions
1000 - [-RA-]Krasavchik
5000 - [-UNION-]Artempro
$$$$ - [KAZ]Jakeee
Tournament Results

#393 / 1000, 0, 322

Nation: Bavaria
Rules: 1000
Date: 2019-12-06
Participants: 10
Winner: [-RA-]Krasavchik
Finalist: [-RA-]Hikitka_9_JIeT

#392 / SpeedWar / C-1

Nation: Switzerland
Rules: millions,0pt
Date: 2019-11-23
Participants: 8
Winner: [KGR]Catweazel
Finalist: [-NF-]Baton

#391 / 1000, 0pt, 322

Nation: Saxony
Rules: 1000
Date: 2019-11-16
Participants: 12
Winner: [ua]Kyiv
Finalist: [-RA-]Krasavchik

#390 / 1000, 0pt, 322

Nation: France
Rules: 1000
Date: 2019-11-09
Participants: 10
Winner: [UA]bio_PCT
Finalist: [-NF-]Baton


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