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Time Left:
  5000, 0 pt
Score game:
  45 min
  19:00 CET
  20:00 Kiev
  20:00 Moscow
Summer Vacation

Season 9 is completed.

2015-06-06 [GFF]npyToHocuK

Summer Vacation

Season 8 is completed.

2014-05-31 Vano

Tournament postponed

The tournament on $$$ 10pt will be held on November, 23

2013-11-16 Vano


Interview to the winner of 3d season on Standart FIGHTER

I congratulate you on a successful season. You at last have won a season in Rleague. Successfully acted in LCN. It was difficult to achieve such successes?

yes, it very difficult in every rliga player several top players so i all the time try do all my best to win it

To you has not sufficed a little for a victory over balin. In this season you confidently were in the lead and have brought matters to a victory. How you consider your level have grown for this year?

yes i think im grow up like a player and not just like a player ;-)

Why you have chosen 0pt as the basic option? How you think why the Polish players play more often on 0pt?

Maby because polish players like hard action its my bigest reason ;-)

And you chosen 0pt becouse you REALY True-poland? :)))

No bacouse im really FIGHTER ! ;-)

You would compare the style of game to what animal?

Wolfbecause i prefer agreesive and intelligentstyle games ;-)

FIGHTER-WOLF :) nice nick At your sight the best 5 players on the standard at present.

balin macka akos joker fighter-wolf?) or maby fighter-wolf macka akos joker and balin ? ;-)

Compare style of game of each of the five with animal :)

Macka - Elephant
Balin - Tiger
Akos - Eagle
Joker - Chameleon

interesting ) Whether as you consider enough in leagues of nominations? Or it is too much them? What nomination you would like to see in tournaments? Probably any nomination superfluous?

Now its good 2 nominations for 0pt players and 2 for $$$ players its ok you dont must change anythink

and in lcn?

in lcn is very good too

What of options you would like to master in perfection? Where you still would wish to be the champion?

So for you im still not CHAMPION ? ;-) my lovly option is 1000 0pt

And you do not aspire to become the champion on millions or the sea?

now i start to next part of my life i will study i dont know what will with my career in cossacks

What game (or tournament) in your career to you was remembered most of all? Why?

Tournament 2-2 1k when i played with joker in one team (GPO)

As whom you study?

i will try go to school on Fighter-fires always this fighter it is in my blood))

Fighter-fires? what is it?

Fighter-fire - fight a fire

Ahhh... Fireman! :)))
You will struggle for a victory in a following season in Rleague?

Rl is most important for me so i do all mybest to win it again

so. thx for interview! At last. That will you wish young ambitious players?

yes like always young, lovly and amazing))))))))
big thx Fred !

and you )
To new meetings!

Short statistics
Tournaments: 393
- 106 on 1000
- 111 on 5000
- 112 on $$$$

Players: 1709
Records: 961
Games: 8510
Current hampions
1000 - [-RA-]Krasavchik
5000 - [-UNION-]Artempro
$$$$ - [KAZ]Jakeee
Tournament Results

#393 / 1000, 0, 322

Nation: Bavaria
Rules: 1000
Date: 2019-12-06
Participants: 10
Winner: [-RA-]Krasavchik
Finalist: [-RA-]Hikitka_9_JIeT

#392 / SpeedWar / C-1

Nation: Switzerland
Rules: millions,0pt
Date: 2019-11-23
Participants: 8
Winner: [KGR]Catweazel
Finalist: [-NF-]Baton

#391 / 1000, 0pt, 322

Nation: Saxony
Rules: 1000
Date: 2019-11-16
Participants: 12
Winner: [ua]Kyiv
Finalist: [-RA-]Krasavchik

#390 / 1000, 0pt, 322

Nation: France
Rules: 1000
Date: 2019-11-09
Participants: 10
Winner: [UA]bio_PCT
Finalist: [-NF-]Baton


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