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Time Left:
  5000, 0 pt
Score game:
  45 min
  19:00 CET
  20:00 Kiev
  20:00 Moscow
Summer Vacation

Season 9 is completed.

2015-06-06 [GFF]npyToHocuK

Summer Vacation

Season 8 is completed.

2014-05-31 Vano

Tournament postponed

The tournament on $$$ 10pt will be held on November, 23

2013-11-16 Vano


Interview to the winner of 3d season on Millions [KGR]-^CATWEAZEL^-

hi. In the first I congratulate you with over a successful season. You were the best in LCN in a half a year current. Has repeatedly won a season in Rleague. In what the success reason?

Thank you. I think the main reason for my success is my experience of 8 years in cossacks. I havetested and developed new strategies and tactics and also i am analyzing all my games ( defeats and victories) by watching the records, this is how i gathered a large amount of knowledge about the game. I have always been an aggressive player too, if you want to understand the game you must go and find out, i always tried to attack and learn what works and what does not work. I am very ambitiousand i am watching on every detail. But the main reason certainly is that i do not like to lose, so i better win, hehe

For last year on millions there were at once some strong players. In particular players of a clan INT. What do you think new millions experts? Who at your sight is more perspective?

I have seen many players come and go, same about clans. In the 8 years i was always glad to see new players who learn the game with the target to be one of the best. It revives the competition and makes the game more interesting. The 1nT clan is currently the number 2 in$$$DEF, even though they only have a little amount of experts. Players like VRV and Goker are the backbone of the clan and very strong too, Ganibal and Karatare on a good way to become an experts. VRV in particular has become a strong player during the last year, i always liked to have linefights with him. If the 1nT clan finally established as a strong consistent clan only the time will show. By the time they are still rejecting to play a tournament vs KGR, because they would clearly lose at the moment. But i think in the future someone they might dare, i am very looking forward.

In last LCN season you took a gold medal on an atypical nomination for yourself - on 5000 20pt. It was difficult learns to play it?

not at all. It is a shame that the most people only know me from $$$DEF. In fact, i have always played all nominations. Millions was only my best, as it turned out. in the year 2004 i have tried to be one of the strongest players in 1000/5000 0pt and i was able to reach satisfying results against the absolute experts of that time. I still know all from that time and currently start to play 1000/5000 0pt again. But i still loste too much for my own taste. Until now there is nobody who i have not beaten in 1 nomination, if i really tried to beat him, except HUN INTER and FIGHTER, but the time will come for 100% . I always liked Peacetime games more in 1000/5000 and used to play it since i started to play cossacks. I have only started to play it on LCN, because i wanted to see how much i can reach there. I doubt that i would get a goldmedal in 1000/5000 opt though ! I would win for sure vs 1-2 experts, but i was never consistent in 0pt.

On millions you have reached ALL. What stimulus at you to play further on this nomination?

True. The mainreason i am still playing millions is that i like the battles. I think that is what cossacks is all about - it is about the battles. Even before cossacks i was a big fan of strategies. I used to play chess with friendsor "Command & Conquer" on Playstation . I like to duel with other players and create a startegy to beat him, if it works and i am glad it worked. My target is to win all games by attack and that is why i always try to find new ideas to kill the camp. The stimulus also would be that i want to defend my title, if somebody wants the number 1 title, then he shall try to kill me. At the moment i am taking a break from LCN though. I became bored of seeing my name, everytime i check the statistics. I was interested to see what would happen in $$$DEF, if i not play. I really like how all the players fight for the number 1 title there, it is really entertaining for me. I am also taking a break, because i want to focus more on 0pt 1000/5000 now, as i have already said above.

By the way you play even in other strategy on the Internet except Cossacks?

Yes, sometimes. "Command and Conquer - zero hour", Battlefield 1942.

I correctly have understood you: in some months all standatrs players should be afraid of you? :)

I do not know yet. Currently i do not have the target to be one of the best in these nominations, but i will train and become stronger. Yesterday i played vs FIGHTER and did not die vs his rush, this is already a little success for me , as you all know he is one of the strongest attackers in Standard. I got screwed later though, because he gathered nearly twice more stone than me, although we had the 300% at the same time, his drags attack finally beated me. I will watch the records of my games as usual and will erase my errors, but i think the main reason for my defeats at the moment is the lack of training. I am simply too slow and untrained. I think it was 1 year ago, i have reached the half finale in 5000 RLIGA, i hope i manage to come there again.

By the way for a long time wished to ask - what means you nick? And do you have a cat?

)))) No, i do not have a cat I do not like cats, my sister has 2 cats and in our family we have 2 dogs. When i started to play Cossacks my first name was "Truman", who is the maincharacter in the movie "the Truman show", one of my favourite movies - i love the soundtracks ! But later i have noticed that i need a nickname that everyone would notice, but nobody would like to take. Everybody had names like Rambo... Hitman... Fighter... Warrior....cossack.... and i wanted something else. Catweazel was the best choice Sneaky as a cat - fast as a weazel

What season in Rliga was more difficult for winning 2nd or 3d?

More the second than the third, because then i have played more. I was a bit lazy in the 3rd season and only played when it was necessary to play to become first again. The reason for that is that sometimes the Rushleague takes too long time. Sometimes it is mostly between 3-5 hours. And many people fear of me and play very defensive in a tournament, so i have very intense camp games sometimes that kill my concentration for next games. And the further you come the harder the opponents becomeand that is the conflict I simply do not wish to lose a finale because of lack of concentration or fatigue, so i sometimes decided not to play in the 3rd season.

You are going to win 4d a season?

i will try.

What do you think of a new nomination on millions (0pt)?

Firstly i was very happy there would a new nomination that would bring more entertainment to cossacks. The idea was very nice even though it is not new. In the past players like Striker used to play that, but he playedwith Ukraine then. However, i am a bit disappointed now of the fact that people use programmes that allow 50drags-1 click. In my understanding it is cheating. Even if there was a programme that i could use on my version, i would not use it. In $$$0pt it is very important to be fast in the first 1-2 minutes. It is a huge advantage if somebodyneeds 50drags-1 click or 5drags-1click. If i ever come back to LCN i will not play this nomination there. I really like to watch the records on LCN from this nomination, because some players have really inetresting tactics, i like that, because in $$$ 10pt, many people play the same style.

Last year your basic contender CORTES practically did not play, but on hearings he is going to come back in the world of the BIG millions. What do you think about it?

Not much. As a person i dislike Cortes and except Rushleague finales we have not played vs each other in the last 2 years. In total i have played 120 games with Cortes within 6 years, against nearly 20 players i have played 4 times more games than that. In the past i did a huge mistake. I accepted to play the fhe first 22 nation tournament vs him without any training, because i was absolutely focussed on my school - it was the time of final exams. Consequently i have lost 6:16, because at the same time Cortes played very much. When my school ended in 2006 i could control my free time better and had more time to play Cossacks. I played much and became back my old shape from 2004. In 2007 and 2008 i have offered him again a 22 nation tournament, because i was sure of a 22:0 victory, but he refused. I personally think Cortes is overrated as a player. In my personal TOP 5 of best million players Cortes is only on rank 5. On their peak players like Silentkill, Iceman, Typhoon, Borny, Pumba would beat Cortes easily. With these players i had my most exciting games. With Iceman i played nearly 600 games and with typhoon nearly 250 games - they ( and others ) were/ are my basic and most difficult opponents.

I want to say on this situation that i really appreciate your job for the cossacks community. You established successful tournaments in cossacksthat everybody know and take part at. People like you keep the game active/alife. So we must thank you too

Thanks for interview! To a meeting!

Short statistics
Tournaments: 393
- 106 on 1000
- 111 on 5000
- 112 on $$$$

Players: 1709
Records: 961
Games: 8510
Current hampions
1000 - [-RA-]Krasavchik
5000 - [-UNION-]Artempro
$$$$ - [KAZ]Jakeee
Tournament Results

#393 / 1000, 0, 322

Nation: Bavaria
Rules: 1000
Date: 2019-12-06
Participants: 10
Winner: [-RA-]Krasavchik
Finalist: [-RA-]Hikitka_9_JIeT

#392 / SpeedWar / C-1

Nation: Switzerland
Rules: millions,0pt
Date: 2019-11-23
Participants: 8
Winner: [KGR]Catweazel
Finalist: [-NF-]Baton

#391 / 1000, 0pt, 322

Nation: Saxony
Rules: 1000
Date: 2019-11-16
Participants: 12
Winner: [ua]Kyiv
Finalist: [-RA-]Krasavchik

#390 / 1000, 0pt, 322

Nation: France
Rules: 1000
Date: 2019-11-09
Participants: 10
Winner: [UA]bio_PCT
Finalist: [-NF-]Baton


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